Pricing for Simple Pleasures

*Shipping Prices will be given on day of order. Shipping prices are prices I pay to ship the items. 
The more you buy the better the shipping fee is. 
If you are in an around the Liberty, Missouri area, delivery fee will only be calculated as follows: 
the more you buy the better the delivery fee is. 
$30-$60 fee will be $10
$61-$100 fee will be $8
$101-$149 fee will only be $5
*Anything over $150 will be free for shipping and or delivery fee. These fees are only for the reason to get your packages to you. Allow 7 to 10 days for shippments to your address. Allow 7 to 15 days for personal delivery to your address. 
**Other packages are available with more keepsakes. Pricing is the same 
as on the newborn tab. We can also tailor a package just for you.**